mceWeather 4.1

It shows your present local weather and a forecast for the next days
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The mceWeather application will provide you with the weather forecast for your own location and any other location in the world. The Windows style interface is customizable allowing you to change the skin to any color variation you prefer. The window of the interface displays like a web page with six selective buttons on the left providing you with the choice of viewing your current weather conditions, or an overview of the current conditions and a forecast for the next few days, a graphic forecast for the next few days only, a satellite image view of your country showing the current temperatures of each region; and the settings window where you can choose which country and satellite image views you want.

The program supports many languages, the one you want may be chosen during the installation process. The program is pre-loaded with several satellite images of different places and cities around the world, but if it does not have the one you want you can add any satellite url address using the options feature in the menu and the program will add that image for you. The data for the program is provided by "The Weather Channel" and although mceWeather was designed for Microsoft Windows Media Center (2005 or Vista), it can be used on other Windows platforms with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.

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